Spot opportunities to grow on YouTube.

Observant spots missed opportunities for your YouTube Content Owner and prioritises them based on the latest analytics data.

Stop leaving money on the table. Stop missing out on views. Stop hunting in the dark.

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Missed opportunities

Get actionable data that will help grow your Content Owner

Observant uses YouTube reports and the latest data from YouTube Analytics to identify missed opportunities to grow your Content Owner.

Don't waste time hunting through YouTube Studio to find videos or Content ID assets that you forgot to monetize, ads you forgot to enable, publishing claims you forgot to dispute. Observant finds all these and more, and prioritises them for you based on the latest YouTube Analytics data.

Taking advantage of an opportunity is as simple as following links to the precise page in YouTube Studio where you can take immediate action.

And there's no need to worry about stale data. Observant uses the YouTube Reporting API to automatically check for new reports and spot new opportunities every day.

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